Welcome to Unlocking the Future with 21st Century Keys, a new kind of course for the Seaman IT Academy.

We will start our learning with an introduction at the SEC in June, then have 4 weeks of online learning at your own pace. You can expect to spend about 2 hours per week on each topic. We'll be looking at different ways to integrate technology into the classroom by finding great examples online as well as creating some ideas of our own that we can implement. Our course will wrap up with a sharing day at the SEC in July when everyone will give a short presentation on what they have discovered about the online world and how it can be used by teachers.

Communication for this course will take place on this wiki. We will start by creating personal wiki pages for each student where you will be expected to make weekly posts about what you have learned, as well as posting projects or links to projects that you have created through the weekly assignments. One of the greatest things about using wikis and taking online courses is the communication and collaboration that can result in a greater opportunity for learning!

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Wikis--An Introduction

Professional Learning--Online Resources

Google Tools

Web 2.0 Tools

ThinqEd and Teacher Webpages

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Kim Patton

Susan Pendergast

Crystal Searles

Melissa Martin

Rolf Chappell



Donna Brooks

Beth Russell

Karen Lee

Lexi Doane