My name is Karen Lee and my world revolves at Seaman Middle School helping seventh grade students learn math. I am a slightly serious person who likes to help students see math can be fun and how numbers make their lives happen.

Seman Middle School

7th Gr. Math Text

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7th Gr. AAA Math
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Wikis to Share

7th Grade Math Wiki
A wiki for math class on the 7th grade level.

RSC Math 7th
This wiki is used in a 7th grade math classroom showing the class names and interaction.


Twitter is interesting to read if it is education information rather than someone's life drama.

If I were to use it, I can see where it would be a useful tool for helping with math homework. Unlike Facebook, students could be kept to only the topic covered. Other posts would not be included as in Facebook. Some Twitters I looked at included nonmath items such as, "Taking a break from working on fencing."


Plurk, as with Twitter, would be another helpful place to help students with homework in the evening without added comments. Again, if they are educational and helpful, Plurk can be a useful tool with students.