Welcome to my Key Things Wiki! My degree is a BA in Math and Science, and I'm highly qualified to teach Biology. I enjoy working middle school aged students, and cherish my beautiful room and tech tools at the Seaman Freshman Center. I have three beautiful children ages 14-13-10 that attend Seaman schools.

.Suggested Sites and Sources.
I have attended MACE three years running, and I LOVE finding new resources there. If you haven't gone yet- ask your administrator! :) Handouts from previous years are available there, check it out!
Student vocabulary study tools that I already use and like -
  • updated 6/22 - Jeff Debacker is a mind-bending tech trainer and definitely has me on board to try moodle this year. I have SO much information collected already and am working on sliding my resources and activities into a more contructivist approach on moodle. *New Moodle* allows more pictures, still a bit linear, but with some prodding, I'll have it looking a bit more "like me" in no time :)

  • love the graphic images thatglogster lets me use. Students can use it too for projects or visual literacy

Link to My Classroom Wiki
with other cool links embedded in my glogster homepage.

My Favorite Teacher Ed Wiki, on edifying visual literacy

another cool one- a free toolkit for tech for teachers

Professional Learning Networks - posting for this assignment 6/22
*Plurk, tried it, and like Melissa, found its format is not the easiest to navigate to get to information you may need/want. Just a personal preference! I racked up karma to begin with but found it to be a timesponge.

*Facebook- I use as a personal network. I have many pictures, friends and family there, so choose to keep this domain a personal space. My profile pic is one of my smart and talented corgis. People who really know me, know how to find her and network there. I do have teachers from across the nation and a few internationals on there, who will share links to activities, blogs, or sites. Just last week got an amazing app regarding the eclipse my hubby posted!

*Edublogs- I have popped in on this site this past week...and it is interesting what kinds of Math/Science blogs are out there! I think you can learn a lot about what you want to do / not do with your own site by reading others... and lots of cool activities done with kids during the school year will pop up. I enjoyed the vast expanse of Larry Ferlazzo (thanks Kim!) and was already a Kev Honeycutt fan <G> so glad to be redirected to his many blog posts through ESSDACK and on his own page.

*Quite a few of you are Thinkfinity members so I went to check it out just today. I think I had browsed this before at an email from Susan P- but I joined a science list and a "reading this summer" discussion. BioWoodman is my UN.
Google Tools updated 6/24

Tool: Google Docs
Type of lesson: Collaborative - Research or Experiment
Tool: Google Calendar
Type of Use: PLC
Expected Outcome: students share document or spreadsheet and are able to make changes- no more "well it was on someone else's account" on the day of the presentations!
Expected Outcome: PLC members can sign up for ipod lab, or mobile computer cart. Indicate what type of tech needed, number of units needed, length of lesson.
Web 2.0 Tech Integration Brainstorms! upd.7/1

Subject Biology - standard: Cell Theory
Students select a tool project for this unit to show what they know about our study of cell theory. Voki could be used by a group to personify the individual scientists whose ideas/research are included. Another group could choose Glogster and make a wall poster about the structures all cell types have in common. Yet another group could use Flikr for the section vocabulary and devise a slide show with student friendly definitions for important words and terms. Another group could use Prezi to review the structures and functions of eukaryotic cell organelles. Students present using projector and/or doc cam on the review day.
Subject Biology - standard Punnett Squares
Students use free online avatar generator to recreate their parents or grandparents. Interview/research at home, as needed, for TWO traits, and then determine the likelihood that YOU as the student inherited those traits. Use your parent Avatars and Word to generate two Punnett Squares. Create/Copy/Paste avatars that visually represent the phenotype inherited. Assign alleles and show the genotypic and phenotypic ratios that would result. Be ready to explain in your presentation which avatar fits your inherited phenotype! (Offer optional: favorite plant or animal - Flikr in case there are family situations you need to be sensitive to.)
Teacher Webpages
I have a whole new armada of cool things websites, some, selfishly, for me, some to share with students.

missbakersbiologyclass.com (inspirational- spent hours here marveling at student work)
edu.memiary.com online diary/glossary to summarize new added knowledge! AWESOME!

This assignment made me search the web several times, and realize there's no site that google will pop up with tips on intelligent web design for teachers... no tips on how many graphics, how best to balance words/pics/links. There are a plethora of design formats. I suspect personal preference plays in a great deal. I dislike a long page you have to scroll
I dig the format of blogs and archives... so I think a great addition to my wikispace would be a blog (discussion page) of class activities. A huge project for me to tackle in the next few weeks of summer is the overhaul of my information from wiki-homed to moodle-homed. I will be reluctant to completely dismantle my wikispace, for several reasons.

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